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Workers with bright shirts beginning a project and operating heavy machinery

Your Engineering and Excavating Partner

Santos Excavating, Inc. is a general engineering corporation established in 1977 and is based at the top of the Sacramento Valley in Chico, California. We have 45 years of experience installing sewer mains, sewer lift stations, water treatment, storm drains, water mains, joint trench, gas mains, earth moving, grading, paving, rock slope protection and erosion control, as well as designing and building projects. Our success has been built on our reputation for safety and professional workmanship, and on-time delivery. We are an SMBE contractor.

Portrait of George Santos wearing a hat

Meet Our Owner: George Santos

You may recognize our owner, George Santos, as he has lived in the Chico area for quite some time and takes great pride in providing services to his home community. George has built a successful business due to his high level of integrity and his desire to do right by those he works with. He truly values each and every project as it has given him the opportunity to grow and improve his home town.